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Sample Details

Each tiny sample bottle contains 2.5 doses.

Each dose contains the following milligrams of cannabinoids...

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While adorable, these tiny sample bottles do not include a graduated dropper for easy dosing (our full-size bottles do).

So... how should you go about measuring your sample dose?

We recommend 2.5 doses (max) for those new to microdosing... but it’s also a great place to start if your looking for a really notable experience.

With this in mind... take half (or all) of the sample oil by mouth.

For the most efficient dosing, hold oil under your tounge for a moment before swallowing.

Wait up to 30 minutes to gauge effects before taking more than 2.5 doses.

Microdose can be added to food and beverages... it’s even great for pets.


Ingredients: organic mct oil (a purified part of coconut oil), full-spectrum hemp-derived cannabinoid oil (a formulated blend of CBD, THC, CBG), terpenes, & other trace cannabinoids

WARNING: Consult your physician before use. This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence. Exact mgs may vary. Keep out of reach of children. Under-age sale prohibited.