Why Vaping CBD Helps Smokers Quit


Many see vaping as the lesser of two evils, believing they are making the healthy choice by switching from cigarettes to tobacco alternatives like e-juice or e-cigarettes.  

Switching from cigarettes to vaping is net positive, as it helps people take a step on the path to quitting, but nicotine is still very unhealthy and highly addictive. 

Here’s what you should know about consuming nicotine in any form:

  • Nicotine is equally as addictive as heroin.

  • Nicotine can temporarily reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, but repeated use can actually worsen anxiety and depression.

  • Nicotine use increases risk of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal disorders.

  • Nicotine decreases immune response and also negatively impacts reproductive health.

  • Nicotine creates DNA mutation by various mechanisms which leads to cancer.

  • Nicotine affects tumor proliferation and metastasis and causes resistance to chemo and radio therapeutic agents.

CBD and the Path to Quitting Cigarettes

While e-cigarette and e-juice users have made a positive change by quitting cigarettes, they have only substituted one form of nicotine addiction for another.

To be free of nicotine and other unhealthy chemicals found in cigarettes/e-juice, and the addictive nature of the act of smoking or vaping, further steps are required.

Here’s how we see the path to quitting cigarettes:

First, there is cigarette addiction: This is the starting point for smokers, and includes an addiction to nicotine, the intake of many toxic chemicals and a psychological dependence on the act of smoking.

Second, there is addiction to E-Cigarettes: This is a common second step for smokerswhich includes an addiction to nicotine, the intake of  synthetic flavors and other unknown chemicals found in e-juice, and a psychological dependence on the act of smoking.

Third, there are CBD Vapes: CBD is non-addictive, but many CBD vape products still contain synthetic flavorings and other unknown chemicals. Vaping CBD also includes the psychological dependence on the act of smoking.

Then, there’s Lumi CBD: Few CBD companies take our entirely plant-based approach to CBD, where no synthetic ingredients are used. By switching to Lumi CBD, former nicotine users are safe from consuming synthetic chemicals and are at the last stage of the quitting cycle: needing only to quit their psychological dependency on the act of vaping.

By choosing to replace vaping nicotine with vaping 100% plant-based CBD formulas, you advance to the last stage of the quitting cycle, leaving only the act of vaping to quit.


How CBD Helps Smokers Quit

By helping smokers turned vapers replace nicotine with non-addictive CBD, the cycle of nicotine addiction is broken and a healthier phase of life can begin.

Here’s how CBD helps smokers quit:

  • Studies have shown that using CBD can reduce the number of cigarettes a tobacco addict smokes by up to 40%.

  • Studies show that CBD can reduce the effect that visual cues to smoke (seeing people smoking, seeing smoking on TV, etc.), making these cues less likely to trigger relapse.

  • Vaping CBD instead of an e-cigarette or e-juice means you’re quitting nicotine all together, not replacing one nicotine habit for another.

  • By vaping CBD, quitting CBD vapes becomes the final step in the quitting cycle as opposed to quitting highly-addictive nicotine e juice, making it much easier to quit the act of smoking and become completely smoke and vapor free.

By switching from nicotine e-liquids to vaping 100% plant based CBD, smokers are setting themselves up for success on the path to quitting tobacco.

Limi CBD products are 100% plant-based, hemp-derived and THC free. Lumi CBD offers a wide range of CBD Vape Products that can help smokers quit like our Flavorless CBD Vape Additive for mod lovers who want to be nicotine free.